If I Cant Have What I Want Let Me Want What I Have


Rly need someone to debrief to

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Families that don’t play monopoly together, stay together

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Things important to me right now:
- really getting into my blog and making it awesome
- sorting my living situation for next year
- writing fiction and accumulating ideas for potential writing projects and overall setting myself up for a successful NaNoWriMo
- doing well at uni and getting ahead in my subjects
- making time to read books outside my uni book lists
- volunteering at the school near my house
- thinking about scholarship applications for next year and making sure I take the time to submit quality words
- continue to get published in small journals with the hopes of setting myself up for bigger opportunities
- remembering that dreams don’t work unless you do and if I want all these things I have to work hard for them


Listening to music that brings me back to being 14 and having crushes on boys that didn’t like me and trying to befriend the cool girls in school that thought I was a loser and still wishing I was 14 again because those troubles sure as hell seem easier than what I have now

What I need:
- some good gal pals to give me some serious advice and direction for my life because right now I’m just drifting

acoupleofdreams :
i feel like you're breaking your social media fast to send me that message (even though i know you were sneakily on tumblr regardless) and that makes me smile. you are a blessing miss blair. xxxx

It’s true. I’m being bad. But Tumblr is so good, I can’t resist sometimes… And everything I said is true! You rock gurl, keep on doing what your doing cause it’s people like you that motivate people like me to dream big and just go for it xxx

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Check it

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my favorite thing about game of thrones is how serious the actors are

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